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Fierce Fangirl Friday: Youtubers

Hello Lovelies! It's that day of the week again! It's Fierce Fangirl Friday! Jackie from toomuchofabooknerd. This is a weekly post that everyone can join in on as long as they pingback to Jackie so she doesn't miss any of them! It allows you to fangirl over anything you want for that week. The last two… Continue reading Fierce Fangirl Friday: Youtubers

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Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

Hello lovelies! Today is Tag Tuesday on my blog and I am going to be doing the tag I found on YouTube. Most of my tags I've found on YouTube because if I'm not blogging or reading I'm watching videos on YouTube :). This tag was from Book Syrup. The original video can be found here.… Continue reading Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

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Avatar Book Tag

Hello lovelies, I hope this Tag Tuesday is treating you well! I've been enjoying my new job and getting all the training I need. On this Tag Tuesday I bring to you the Avatar Book Tag which was created by A Clockwork Reader. Be prepared this will have lots of gifs. 😛 Water 1. Katara and… Continue reading Avatar Book Tag

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Fierce Fangirl Friday

Hello lovelies! So I stumbled upon Jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd's weekly event. It's where you can fangirl out about anything you want for the week. Which I do on a daily basis to my best friend and he has absolutely no idea what I'm talking about 99% of the time. I thought I would give this a… Continue reading Fierce Fangirl Friday

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Top 3 Genres

I always exclusively used to read fantasy books throughout most of my younger years. I was pulled into the vampire and werewolf craze that happened while I was in middle school thanks to Twilight. I couldn't read enough books about vampires and werewolves. However now that I am in my 20's I have vastly changed.… Continue reading Top 3 Genres

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May Wrap up/ June TBR

Hello lovelies! On the 4th Saturday of every month I will be posting my wrap up for the current  month and my TBR for the next month. Now I had a very busy May, due to college graduation, finals, and spending time with my family. That being said I still managed to read more than… Continue reading May Wrap up/ June TBR

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My Favorite Books

While I haven't been extremely into reading for the vast majority of my life I have come across some books that have a permanent place in my heart. While most of these are ones that many people love and enjoy, there is a one that isn't well known. Top 3: Harry Potter Series by J.K.… Continue reading My Favorite Books

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Coffee Book Tag

I came across this tag while browsing Booktube. It was created by BangadyBangz and the video can be found here Black: Name a series that's tough to get into but has hardcore fans. My brain is drawing a total blank on this one. I can't think of any series that I've read that have a hard… Continue reading Coffee Book Tag