The One Where I Fall Into a Reading Slump

Now I know most of us readers have fallen into one of those dreaded reading slumps at some point. I’m talking about the ones where you really know you should be reading because your TBR pile keeps growing. You feel extremely guilty, looking at those books just wanting to be read. Now normally the reading slumps occur after you just finished a great new favorite book, or a horrible one. At least in my experience.

But this time is entirely different! and I’m struggling not gonna lie. I am currently reading three books. I usually do this so this isn’t the cause. But I’m reading ACOWAR and I’m in love, but it’s taking me forever. I really want to finish it soon. I only have like 200 more pages, but I haven’t been into reading. So today in the midst of my reading slump I’m going to talk about some of the things that I normally do to crawl out of the slump.

Tips to get out of a reading slump:

  • Don’t force it. Read if you want to but not if you feel like it’s forced.
  • I tend to look for more books to read during these, go on Goodreads for a little bit and browse to see if you find another book you may like to read eventually
  • If you haven’t been unfortunately like I am during yours, try reading smaller books and ones that aren’t incredible dense. This is when I’ll pick up those contemporaries or historical fictions that I can fly through without having to figure out the different worlds.
  • Try not to feel guilty about those TBR books. They’ll always be there. You’ll get to them eventually.
  • Organize your bookshelves. I’ve found that if I don’t feel like reading, reorganizing my bookshelves helps me stay in the book loving spirit and maybe fall out of the reading slump by finding a book you forgot about.

giphy (36)

Are you in a reading slump? Any tips to get out of it? Let’s Chat!



  1. Last time I had a reading slump, I had to reallyreally read one of my eARC’s so I kind of just went op and looked for other reviews on the book.
    Thank the skies they were all positive reviews because it made me want to read it – and got me out of my reading slump after all, haha.

    Apart from that I usually pick up something very easy to read or I just take my mind off books by watching an episode or two from a series. Usually makes me want to read again but it’s always a search to find that one book that can pull me completely out of my slump.

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  2. I usually try to read sth short when i’m in a slump to just Finish sth finally. But if even that doesn’t help there’s always an option of rereading one of ur favourite books! That does the trick, in most cases at least… But honestly I think what you said first: to just not force yourself is the best advice. A few days won’t ruin you anyway & your mood might just change by itself right? :>>


    • I agree with the short stories, unfortunately I have an uncanny ability to find the books that are the longest to be the ones I want to read so I don’t even think I have a short book to read haha. and I may be trying to reread TMI at some point, hopefully that will help a little. But yes, not forcing it is a great way to make sure it doesn’t get worse, I am stressing out because of my blog but I’ll power through it! Thanks for commenting!


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