Series I Wish I Had Read When Everyone Else Did

Hello lovelies, I have had a busy week that resulting in lack of reading and lack of blog posts for the past week, but here I am again talking to you about series that I wish I had read when they were first popular so I could’ve been in with the hype.

The first series I am currently in the middle of reading the third book, but the ACOTAR Series. I put it off for so long because I don’t usually like the hyped up books, (Hunger Games, Divergent). I can never really get into them. However, this series. It’s a whole new level. I absolutely adore the writing style that Sarah J Maas has, and how her character arcs are so strong. She really does make you dislike a certain character very well and fall in love with another. I wish I had read this when it first came out but now I’ll be caught up for the release of the fourth book. YAY!

Another series I think that I haven’t actually caught up on at all is the Lunar Chronicles. I read Cinder and loved it, but never picked up the rest of the series. I really want to get into reading that again because everyone I watched on Booktube loved it.

giphy (29)I feel like Samwise with everyone leaving me behind while they move onto another series that was better than the one I’m stuck on. COME BACK! Let me discuss this with you all!

Anyways… Have you read any of these? Behind on the hype too? I want to know what other series I may have missed the hype for? Let’s Chat!


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