Fierce Fangirl Friday (That I’ve been Neglecting)

Hello I know it’s Sunday but I want to fangirl over Rhysand and the Night Court because I have been in love.

Fierce Fangirl Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Jackie @toomuchofabooknerd. You can fangirl about whatever you want for the week. It’s usually on Fridays but I’m horrible at sticking to posting schedules so this is late.


RHYSAND<3. I have utterly fallen in love with Rhysand. I’m only a quarter of the way through ACOWAR so no spoilers please, but oh my is he amazing. I love how careful and considerate he is around Feyre and the rest of his family. He breaks my heart sometimes with his determination to take the most damage in order to save his family.

giphy (35)Like every time he tries to save them, or takes the full force of whatever happens so Feyre or Mor or his brothers don’t get hurt. Like I want to jump through the book and hug him.

Also the Night Court. Like wow. Can I live there please? I love stars and night and everything that is happening at the Court of Dreams. Like please let me live there. So long as I don’t have to go anywhere near the Court of Nightmares. NO thank you. But seriously, a secluded area in the mountains where you can see gorgeous views and gaze at the stars. giphy (37).gif

So there it is, my super short fangirl moment over Rhysand and the Night Court. Do you love him and his court as well? Let’s Chat!



    • I was a little skeptical about him at first but that was because I was blind to Tamlin for a bit, a tiny little bit, but now I’m all swooning for Rhysand 😍


  1. Rhysand and Velaris? MY LIFE. MY LOVES. It took me ages to move on after reading ACOWAR because I just didn’t want to leave their world. I’m seriously considering rereading the series already even though it’s only been a few months just to get another dose of Rhysand XD

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    • I can’t wait to finish reading ACOWAR and I’m worried because I’m already kind of in a reading slump and I have a feeling itll only get worse after I finish haha


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