Top Ten Tuesday #1

So I have officially given up trying to do the long list of tags I found that I thought I would want to do, I just think I have too much to do during the week to sit down and figure out that answers for them, so I’m going to take on the Top Ten Tuesday meme by The Broke and the Bookish. They’re on hiatus until August so I’m just going to pick some of the old ones to do for today and up until the come back. I hope you guys like these!

I’m going to do the Top Ten Books I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Read

  1. The Percy Jackson Series and anything Rick Riordan
    I own the Percy Jackson series, I bought the box set a couple years ago and never got around to reading them. I’m so sad that I didn’t get into them with everyone else. I feel so behind!
  2. The Infernal Devices and Dark Artifices series
    I’ve read TMI, I loved it, technically haven’t finished it. I got half way through the City of Heavenly Fire and didn’t finish it, so I’m planning on getting that done soon. I really want to read the other trilogies she has written because I love the world.
  3. The Hunger Games Trilogy
    I know, I haven’t read any of the popular books that came out a while ago. I tried to read Hunger Games once and couldn’t really get into it for some reason. I think I was too distracted with everything going on in my life. You know when you can’t focus on leisurely things because you’re too stressed? That was what was happening so I may give it another shot.
  4. The Divergent Series
    I’ve read Divergent, started reading Insurgent but completely forgot who Will was and got confused. I REALLY do want to finish this series, because I like where it was going and I want to see how they differ from the movies.
  5. The Maze Runner Series
    Again, I own them. Again, never read them. I really need to get my butt in gear and read everything. I really want to read these because I’ve seen snippets of the movies but they don’t make much sense so I really want to see what happens in the books.
  6. Any Jane Austen Books.
    I bought two at my bookstore and I really want to read them because I don’t really read classics. I’ve only ever read maybe two, Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. I want to read more!
  7. Throne of Glass Series
    I REALLY want to read this next. I’m working on the ACOTAR Series currently and I’m in love. Sarah J. Maas’ writing style is amazing and I love her characters and world and everything.
  8. A Wrinkle in Time
    I don’t know why I didn’t read this one. I definitely read books when I was little, don’t know how this escaped me.
  9. Everything Everything
    I want to see what this book has to bring. I want to read this at some point in the future.
  10. Uprooted
    I got recommended this by one of my friends I really want to read this, like I can’t believe I’ve put it off for this long.

So I realize this mostly turned into more of a series I can’t believe I haven’t read, but I mostly only read series so it doesn’t surprise me much haha.

Have you read any of these? Want to read them? Let’s Chat!


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